WoW Hunter Pet Guide & Info

In World of Warcraft a Hunter has several different types of pets to choose from. DPS, or damage per second are pets that deal more damage than other pets. These types of pets do not take as much damage as others but are more useful in Battlegrounds and PvP settings. The main choices are bat, cats, owls, raptors, spiders, wind serpents, and other ones that follow the pattern of having more DPS than armor or health.

The best pet for DPS in my opinion is probably the cat. It is a favorite among most players especially since it can learn more abilities than any other pet by learning from all of the three general abilities. Cats can do more damage and are easier to feed since they have a diet of fish and meat, which doesn’t have to always be cooked.


1. Bite- pretty simple, they can bite and do damage with their teeth.

2. Claw- damage from their claws.

3. Dash- ability to rush over to the target in a burst of speed.

4. Prowl- makes the cat nearly impossible to see and is very similar to the Night Elves Shadowmeld ability.

Cats offer more selection than any other family of pets with dozen of colors of fur, patterns, and models. Because of this, there are a lot of different types of cats from the lowest levels of hunters to the higher levels that are unique looking from each other. Also in World of Warcraft there are special cats such as the Badlands Cougar which has an even faster attack speed of 1.0 which is amazingly fast.