Understanding Veterinary Compounding to Ensure Proper Treatment for Pets

Compounding of medication for animals is becoming very popular. Veterinarians and animal owners are seeing the benefits and taking advantage of the service. Vets are looking out for the best interest of the animals in their care, and this is a way to ensure that the best possible treatment is prescribed. Understanding Veterinary Compounding can make a world of difference for everyone involved in the care of a pet.

Why Choose a Compounded Product?

The medication that is needed to treat a pet might not be readily available. Whether it was discontinued because it wasn’t used enough or just not accessible, compounding allows veterinarians to obtain the proper medicine. Another plus is getting the proper dose. For example, the dosage needed for a Chihuahua will not be the same as what one would need to give a Great Dane. This is critical in providing the proper care of animals. Also, many find it difficult to medicate certain animals orally. Anyone who has tried to give a cat a pill will probably agree. Compounding allows the ability to use a trans-dermal medication, so the drug can be absorbed across the skin. This allows for proper treatment and to be certain that the medicine is being used and not trying to find pills that might have been spit out in the floor.

Customized Care

Pets are like family. Why not have treatment options that are as sophisticated as what humans take. Pet owners are becoming more knowledgeable and have come to expect a higher level of care. Animals seem to have variations of many of the same issues that humans have. They can have skin rashes, eye and ear infections, heart conditions, cancer and diabetes. Compounding is a way to avoid many of the unique problems associated with medicating pets. This is a way to get a custom dosage and treatment.

To get a solution for your pet, speak to a veterinarian about working closely with a compounding pharmacist. This will allow them to tailor the strength, dosage form as well as flavor for a pets specific need. This is the first step in improving the health and happiness of a beloved pet.