The Pet With the Highest DPS

The ranger is the only class in Guild Wars 2 which contains the ability to possess a companion. These companions can range from adorable looking animals to vicious beasts, able to strike on cue. With eleven distinctive animal families choose from, locating the best animal for the highest DPS is a matter of picking and choosing the right pets for the ranger. Although it must be noted that every player has his or her preference when choosing the right pet. Some players may choose the pet for their cosmetic look while others will choose the right pet (in their rightful opinion) according to their stats.

Naturally the best damage dealer is the Ranger once the right skill rotations are implemented. Although note that the Ranger can become a viable warrior however, do not expect the Ranger to pummel enemies like a Guardian. Wearing light armor for maximum flexibility, the Ranger class requires a helping paw, wing or tail.

Listed below are potential candidates which can possibly contain the highest DPS rate:

Hyena: This fearsome canine is said to unleash one of the highest DPS in the game. According to several players, the hyena has the ability to summon its own companion to battle using an ability called, Howl of the Pack. With the second hyena in play, both canines unleash attacks against your target. Using the F2 button, the Hyena bursts onto the enemy dealing considerable damage which is one of the main strengths of this canine.

Lynx: One of the animals from the feline family. The argument stats the lynx possess an equally high DPS rate but without a graph to measure the damage, the double-dual hyenas continue to pack a punch. However, keep in mind the lynx is capable of biting firmly onto the enemy causing them to bleed with skills such as Maul and Rendering Pounce. In speculation, the lynx contains a high precision attribute making this feline to always lock on targets.

Eagle: Attacking from the air, the eagle is able to unleash devastating attacks for high crits and extra bleeding damage. The main skill unique to the eagle is Lacerating Slash.

Depending on which type players are most comfortable with, there are a number of pets players can insert into slots. When it comes down to it, it solely depends on the Ranger’s build and how to effectively use their pets in combat. By reading through online beginners guide, such as this one, new players can get a better idea what to expect when playing the ranger class.