The Most Comprehensive World of Warcraft Guide

Are you an experienced World of Warcraft player? If you are, I recommend picking up The Ultimate WoW Guide to take your game to the next level. What if you are a new player? Then you MUST get the Ultimate WoW Guide This guide is simply the best and most complete WoW resource for any new players.

Here’s a few things that The Ultimate WoW Guide offers:

1. WoW Beginner Guide – Build a strong foundation of Warcraft fundamentals. Learn to make gold on your first toon and get that first mount the first thing you hit level 40.

2. Alliance and Horde Powerleveling guide that will walk you through level 1 to 70.

3. Professions Guide level professions from 1-375 easily and efficiently.

4. ‘Ultimate Gold Guide’ – Teaches you proven and up to date gold methods that will net you up to 150 gold per hour.

5. Complete Instance Guide includes maps and locations of all the raids and instances in the game. It also provides boss strategies as well as item drop rates. Raid Attunement information are included as well.

6. 115 minutes of Audio.

7. Class Talent Guide will provide up-to-date talent builds for PVP, PVE or hybrid.

8. Class Loot List – Class gear list sorted out by class and build.

9. Honor guide teaches you battleground farming methods.

10. Personal Pet Guide: Fun little extra guide that help players obtain over 50 pets.

11. Free updates and support.

The value of this guide is astounding.

Just The Powerleveling Guide and the Ultimate Gold Guide are worth the $47 in my opinion.

The Ultimate WoW Guide covers almost every aspect of World of Warcraft. The Gold Guide is not as detailed as some of the stand alone gold guides out there, but consider everything else that’s offered, the unbelievable value more than makes up for this tiny shortcoming.

Jim Wapp is a WoW enthusiast; he is constantly looking for new and more efficient ways to do things in-game. He is also an active raider and generous contributor to his guild.