Considering Your Hunter’s Pet

For those Hunters out there, the question of which pet is the best arises fairly quickly. You’ll probably have a simple cat or spider to start with, limited by the creatures that exist in your general area. But, after a while, you’ll be able to travel far enough that you’ll want to know what other options are available. So, it’s good to know which pets are the strongest and which offer the best advantages for the clever player.

At the low end of the spectrum is the bat. Now, the bat is a small and likely very weak pet. However, with the ability to screech, shared with the Carrion bird and the Owl, the Bat can be very useful in disorienting your enemies for just long enough to kill them.

However, for those of you that are interested in pets that will not only have useful abilities but deal out their fair share of damage, there are plenty of such creatures. Pets such as the Bear, Board, Cat, Wolf or Spider are all powerful beasts capable of inflicting substantial sums of damage. The key benefit to being able to inflict large amounts of damage with a pet lie in that you can wait at a great distance from your enemy and target them with your pet. However, keep in mind that you’ll want to be careful of the smaller pets as they might just as easily be killed first and are not easy to come by.

Another important aspect of pet ownership is the necessity of paying attention to the needs of your pet in between fights. You must be able to feed your pet, keep an eye on what they eat and ensure that they are not left with little to no health. You must also complete the proper quests and keep the correct items on hand at all times to ensure that you can actually find and bind the correct pet.

Once you’ve decided what kind of pet you want and completed the correct steps to prepare for them, you must be willing to put the time into researching the exact benefits of each pet available. Make sure you know exactly what you want from your pet, beyond skills and damage and choose correctly. If you take care of them and choose wisely, they will be around for some time to come.

There are dozens of World of Warcraft pet guides or advice columns out there designed to assist you in figuring out exactly which pet will be of the most benefit to you. Finding that pet is the first and most important thing you can do as a hunter when you reach the right skill level and eventually can make you one of the more powerful character classes in the game.