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Importance of Preserving Tourist Attractions

Tourism is very important when it comes to economic growth of any country or community and this leads to many positive effects to the region. In this chapter, we will look into the various advantages and benefits that are brought about with tourist attraction sites and why they are important to be maintained in various regions. Wealth creation is one of the major advantages when it comes to tourist attraction sites and this is because tourism involves a lot of foreign trade and it is able to increase their wealth within a community or an economy through the various economic activities that are involved. A lot of tourists attraction sites are able to bring in a lot of employment not just in the tourism sector but also in other sectors that are also related to the tourism sector such as transport and accommodation and this leads to a community or region having well-employed individuals.

It is important to ensure that tourist attractions are maintained in any economy or community and this is because it also assists in increasing the spending ability of the local community or the individuals within that particular region. The verification in the tourism industry is able to bring in a lot of foreign exchange to the community or the economy and its works positively well because it is able to boost the local industries as well. Other advantages of tourists attraction areas are the fact that it leads to increased transportation and infrastructure so that the tourists are able to have a smooth ride and a good stay and this also enhances the general appearance of a community.

There is importance in preserving the tourist attractions and this is because it has a lot of history and culture behind it that enables the locals to be able to see the importance which is able to attract a lot of foreigners from outside and this makes them want to preserve their cultural heritage and also cultural cuisines. The reason why tourists attractions should be preserved is that it is able to bring in a lot of income in different ways and this is through employment and also other income generating projects and this results to the region or the community to be able to stabilize economically. In this chapter, we have been able to discuss the different ways in which tourist attractions have been important to the majority of individuals.

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