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The Pet With the Highest DPS

The ranger is the only class in Guild Wars 2 which contains the ability to possess a companion. These companions can range from adorable looking animals to vicious beasts, able to strike on cue. With eleven distinctive animal families choose from, locating the best animal for the highest DPS is a matter of picking and choosing the right pets for the ranger. Although it must be noted that every player has his or her preference when choosing the right pet. Some players may choose the pet for their cosmetic look while others will choose the right pet (in their rightful opinion) according to their stats.

Naturally the best damage dealer is the Ranger once the right skill rotations are implemented. Although note that the Ranger can become a viable warrior however, do not expect the Ranger to pummel enemies like a Guardian. Wearing light armor for maximum flexibility, the Ranger class requires a helping paw, wing or tail.

Listed below are potential candidates which can possibly contain the highest DPS rate:

Hyena: This fearsome canine is said to unleash one of the highest DPS in the game. According to several players, the hyena has the ability to summon its own companion to battle using an ability called, Howl of the Pack. With the second hyena in play, both canines unleash attacks against your target. Using the F2 button, the Hyena bursts onto the enemy dealing considerable damage which is one of the main strengths of this canine.

Lynx: One of the animals from the feline family. The argument stats the lynx possess an equally high DPS rate but without a graph to measure the damage, the double-dual hyenas continue to pack a punch. However, keep in mind the lynx is capable of biting firmly onto the enemy causing them to bleed with skills such as Maul and Rendering Pounce. In speculation, the lynx contains a high precision attribute making this feline to always lock on targets.

Eagle: Attacking from the air, the eagle is able to unleash devastating attacks for high crits and extra bleeding damage. The main skill unique to the eagle is Lacerating Slash.

Depending on which type players are most comfortable with, there are a number of pets players can insert into slots. When it comes down to it, it solely depends on the Ranger’s build and how to effectively use their pets in combat. By reading through online beginners guide, such as this one, new players can get a better idea what to expect when playing the ranger class.

Best WoW Hunter Pets

How do I choose the best pet for me?

While making a choice of the pet you will be using you have to consider which type of content you will be running and with what spec. World of Warcraft is split into two major types PvE and PvP. When you have decided on type of content you will pursuit than you can start with choosing your spec, gear and pet.

PVP Content

PvP content is basically split into Arena, Battlegrounds and world PvP. Hunter has a great deal of abilities which make him a very interesting and good class for PvP . PvP is all about controlling the situation and hunter can do that with a proper spec and pet, but keep in mind that your play style will also depend on spec that you will choose. You will be able to produce large amounts of damage to your foes as long as you can keep the range from them but once they get in melee range tables can turn.

Make sure that your target is always at the desired distance and use your abilities to accomplish that. Disengage, traps and various shoots can make this happen but sometimes that is just not enough. Best spec for PvP at this point is Survival with Marksmanship on the close second place; beast mastery on the other hand isn’t really that good. Question that you need to ask is which pet will help me be in control? Most hunters go with spiders and crabs, and that is for a good reason. Every hunter needs to know how to properly kite his targets otherwise he won’t be able to defeat his enemy.

Spider pets for PvP

Spiders are very good in PvP probably even the best and immobilize effect from their web ability with cunning talent tree is the reason why most hunters use them. Your own abilities and web ability with 40 second cool down should be more than enough to give you control over your enemies’ movement. The fact that web attack cannot be dispelled makes it even better. The weak side of spiders is that they don’t have the survivability of tenacity pets or damage of ferocity. They are easy to feed as they eat meat.

Crab pets for PvP

Crabs are also very popular for PvP for their pin effect which makes targets immobilized but the down part is that the effect is dispellable. Good thing is that Crabs are Tenacity pets and thus have high survivability.

PVE Content

Raiding is most popular and fun aspect of PvE content. Hunter is a pure dps class and doing maximum DPS in raids is their job. Beast mastery DPS is too weak when it comes to raiding and both Marksmanship and Survival are hand in hand superior to it. Best pets for PvE hunter are ferocity pets as their talents are all about dealing damage or enhancing it.

Deciding on which pet is best for PvE content is easy and it is definitely wolf because he is superior to other ferocity pets. Wolf’s Furious howl gives you 320 attack power with 50% uptime and it is a very nice boost to your dps. Talents of ferocity tree are built around increasing your pet’s survivability and damage of both you and your pet’s damage done.

The Guide Dog

Dogs are used the world over for many tasks; sheep herding, drug detection, crowd control, mountain-rescue, to name just a few; each species adapted to suit its own, unique in-bred skills. It is Mankind’s bond to his dog that makes their relationship so special. One of the most amazing examples of man and dog working together must surely be that of a Guide Dog leading a blind, or visually impaired person along our streets.

Although Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds can also be used for this task, the Labrador epitomises the traditional guide dog for the blind. So, how does this relationship begin? It is not so much the case of training a guide dog, but training the relationship between man and dog.

The first stage in a puppy’s development into becoming a guide dog is to make sure that it is not easily frightened or of a nervous disposition – they must be good-natured and naturally calm. This is done with the aid of volunteers who look after the puppies up until they are about a year old. In this time they will introduce the young dogs to the world around them, and teach them basic skills in obedience.

At the end of this period of introduction, the volunteer will pass the puppy on to the care of one of several Guide Dog Training schools. A professional trainer will then teach the dog the necessary skills that are required for the job of leading the blind and visually impaired; skills that include walking in a straight line, stopping at the curb and maneuvering around obstructions. This training period will lasts between six to eight months.

Assuming the dog has met the required skills, (not all of them do) the next task is to then pair up the dog with its new owner. There follows a period of intense training to forge a bond between man and animal – either within the training facility or at the owner’s home. The relationship will have to be strong between them as, outside the home, the blind person will be totally dependent upon his dog’s skill to navigate the various obstacles along the pedestrian highway. Unlike pets, guide dogs are service animals – in charge of the welfare of their keeper – as such they are not to be approached, fed or handled without the express permission of their owner. Even though the dog may appear friendly, its training is such that it may be discouraged to react to other people, in favour of its owner.

Expand Your Gameplay With World

Throughout Azeroth there are NPCs that have quests that they need you to do. These are plentiful. How are you going to complete them all? Some of them are confusing and, hard to figure out, and very difficult to complete alone. So what is the solution to completing these quests? Do you ask someone how they completed them or do you find a questing guide to help you along the way? Most people go with the latter, questing guides are plentiful and give a wide array of help to the player using them. Some will be free for use and some will charge a small fee for use.

Questing guides are all different except that they help accomplish one goal, completing quests. So what are the differences, there are a lot of differences. Some guides are used as add-ons so that you don’t have to alt +tab back and forth to your desktop to read were your suppose to go next. These guides have been the preferred guides by players, since the release of add-ons.

But what is an add-on? Plainly stated it is a bunch of files you can drop in your game folder to help game play. Which is what some questing guides do, they will use an add-on to show you were to go for each quest so that you get to your goal quicker. Sometimes questing guides can mimic leveling guides or other guides by the information they add into them.

Questing guides will give you help by showing you the easiest way to get to your targeted goal, possibly bypassing the harder spots in the game that you don’t need to go through yet. Some guides will help bunch together similar quests to help you gain the most XP possible. Questing guides have been known to be great for leveling since they do group together certain quests in this way.

Some guides will help you track your talents so that you will be able to put your points in the correct position in the best possible way, even for your pets. Guides can help you track your quests in different ways such as grouping them together in ways for you to gain an achievement title, or to finish quests for the lore master title. There are some guides that will show you which quests are daily quests or tell you that a quest is part of an achievement chain and that it needs to be completed for this achievement.

WoW Hunter Pets

WoW Hunters rely on their pets in all aspects of the game, and being a pure ranged dps class, different pets for them can make a lot of difference. It is important to make a wise choice when deciding on a pet. Hunters pets can be divided into groups based on their abilities: Tenacity, Cunning and Ferocity.

Cunning pets

Cunning pets are perfect for PvP encounters as their talents will provide utility, mobility and flexibility. This group mainly consists of spiders, bats, birds of prey, sillithids, chimeras, ravagers etc. Each of them have very different special skills, i.e. spiders will immobilize targets, bats are able to stun.

PvP hunters often use spiders due to their immobilizing effect, as getting range on your target is very important. Talents used in the Cunning tree will provide more stamina, speed, survivability to your pet and some very fine abilities that can often save your life in PvP like roar of sacrifice which will transfer 30% of the damage from yourself to your pet.

Web – this is the spider ability that will root your target for up to four seconds.

Sonic screech – is the bats ability that can stun a player for up to 2 seconds.


These types of pets are focused on dealing more damage and boosting your own damage as well. They are mostly used in PvE aspect of the game like raids and dungeons, but sometimes are also used in PvP to give a nice niche to your group set up. Ferocity type pets are: Wolves, Core Hounds, Moths, cats, raptors and others. Special abilities of ferocity pets do increased damage to the target or in some cases boost your own dps.

Some hunters tend to use Core Hounds for PvP as their debuff from lava breath will decrease the casting speed of the victim for 25%. Lava breath can really be very useful in PvP when you combine burst damage with that debuff on enemy healer. Wolf’s special ability called Furious howl will boost your dps by 320 attack power for 20 seconds with 40 second cool down. Talents of Ferocity tree will either increase your pets survivability or boost your dps.


Tenacity pets don’t have abilities to boost your dps or flexibility like cunning pets but have higher stamina and avoidance especially when talented. Special abilities of tenacity pets will force target to attack them and boost their own survivability. Very few tenacity pets are useful for either raiding or PvP-ing. Crab pet is on the other hand very good in PvP as it can pin targets for four seconds and is also hard to kill.

Which pet will suit me best?

This is not an easy question but you should consider which spec you are going to use and which content of the game you are aiming for.

Best PvP pets

Most popular pets in PvP are definitely spiders and crabs for their immobilization effects. Very few hunters still use scorpids for the poison that they can put up on their targets.

Best PvE pets

Best choice for running dungeons and raids is wolf as their special ability will boost your DPS, however some hunters tend to use cats which is not the best option. Beast mastery is focused on your pet damage and thus spirit beasts would probably be the best choice as they are BM hunter only pets with highest damage. Bears, boars and turtles are perfect for tanking and leveling up.