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Hunters Pet Guide For World of Warcraft

There Are a Number of New Hunter Pets Coming In Mists of Pandaria.

If you have had a Hunter as your main in WoW since the days of 1.0, you know just how important it is to have a good pet by your side.

At the same time one of the great things about every new expansion is that we get a slew of new pets to play with new special abilities.

The big question that has to be on every hunter’s mind as the closed beta gets into full swing is what new pets we will get and what special abilities they will offer.

Of course most of are also wondering if we are going to be getting additional slots since by now most hunters have long since filled up the extra 20 slots we got in the Cataclysm expansion.

Currently in the closed beta there are six new tamable pets, of which two are exotics, just for those of us who still spec Beast Mastery. The list runs as follows:

Porcupine: Special Ability Paralyzing Quill. The porcupine fires a round of quills in an AoE that paralyzes all players within range for 2 seconds.

Goat: Blizzard has finally got our goat or at the very least given us one that uses Trample to kick up a cloud of dust that reduces melee and ranged attack speeds by 20% for a full 30 seconds.

Crane: You can find these guys all over Pandaria relaxing along the rivers. The have Lullaby that puts your target to sleep for up to 4 seconds. For fun you also get Trick which lets you command them to do a fun trick.

Basilisk: These guys have been in every area of the game since opening day, in Mists you can now stop killing them and learn to love them.

With Petrifying Gaze your pet will turn your target to stone for 3 seconds and render them immobile and impervious to damage. Sadly this only works on your foes.

Water Strider: This is the first of the exotics and requires you to spec for BM if you want one for your very own. It has two special abilities:

Still Water: Infuses party members within range with still water which increases their spellpower by 10% and critical strike chance by 5%. Surface Trot lets the hunter and the water strider walk across water for 10 minutes. Any damage will cancel the effect.

Quillen: The Quillen is the other exotic pet and is found only in the Wandering Isle.

The Quillen has two special abilities as follows:

Eternal Guardian: Restores a dead target to life, much like Battle Rez, with 20% health and mana.

Fearless Roar: is a buff that gives all party members a 5% boost in critical strike chance.

WoW Hunter Pets Guide

In WoW there are a few hunter pets with unique or rare skins which just look plain awesome! Read on to find out which wow hunter pets you ought to be thinking about getting if you want something unique and funky.

Pet 1 – Trachela

This is a two-headed, white bird with black bands on it. It can be found in Terokkar on Carrion Hill and is the only bird with this skin. The good thing about this bird is that it is on a normal re-spawn timer so you wont have to wait an age just to get it to spawn.

Pet 2 – Echeyakee or Sian-Rotam

These are the only two cats in the game which have white lion skins. Echeyakee can be found at level 16 during the quest named after it and can be a pretty cool pet right through to the higher-levels. If you missed out on Echeyakee then Sian-Rotam is a great chance to get the same skin later on, you can find him on Frostsaber Rock in Winterspring (he’s level 60).

Pet 3 – Uhk’loc

This is the only rare gorilla skin in game and comes in the form of a white, level 52 mob. You’ll find him in the back of the cave in Fungal Rock which is in the top right-hand corner on Un’Goro Crater. They’re pretty good looking pets to have and with the white skin it’ll be sure to stand-out.

Pet 4 – Zarakh

This level 19 spider has a unique look to it – spiky, thin black legs with a black and red body create a great overall appearance. If you are interested in taming it then head over to Bloodmyst Isle – the mob is part of a quest thought so you may need to wait for it to re-spawn.

Pet 5 – Ironjaw

This level 63-64 wolf has a unique brown tinge to its fur, it’s quite a subtle effect but is certainly enough to be noticed. You’ll find it near Firewing Point in Terokkar – it isn’t an elite so should be easier than most to tame.

WoW Hunter Pet Guide & Info

In World of Warcraft a Hunter has several different types of pets to choose from. DPS, or damage per second are pets that deal more damage than other pets. These types of pets do not take as much damage as others but are more useful in Battlegrounds and PvP settings. The main choices are bat, cats, owls, raptors, spiders, wind serpents, and other ones that follow the pattern of having more DPS than armor or health.

The best pet for DPS in my opinion is probably the cat. It is a favorite among most players especially since it can learn more abilities than any other pet by learning from all of the three general abilities. Cats can do more damage and are easier to feed since they have a diet of fish and meat, which doesn’t have to always be cooked.


1. Bite- pretty simple, they can bite and do damage with their teeth.

2. Claw- damage from their claws.

3. Dash- ability to rush over to the target in a burst of speed.

4. Prowl- makes the cat nearly impossible to see and is very similar to the Night Elves Shadowmeld ability.

Cats offer more selection than any other family of pets with dozen of colors of fur, patterns, and models. Because of this, there are a lot of different types of cats from the lowest levels of hunters to the higher levels that are unique looking from each other. Also in World of Warcraft there are special cats such as the Badlands Cougar which has an even faster attack speed of 1.0 which is amazingly fast.

Best WotLK Hunter Pets

Hunter pets can be separated into three categories:

o Tank pets – these are the sort of pets that will take huge amounts of damage without wincing while you are a couple of yards behind them pouring on the ranged damage. Tank pets are ideal for leveling up a hunter because they will withstand long battles.

– Bears, boars, crabs, crocolisks, gorillas, scorpids, tallstriders, turtles, these tend to do a good job as tank pets

o DPS pets – these are pets that will deal considerably more damage than their tank counterparts while not being able to absorb nearly as much damage. These are pets that you take with you in a PvP setting, because in a Battleground people will almost always attack you and not your pet, so a tank would be useless while what is important in a BG is the most damage that you can do the fastest, the better

– Bats, cats, owls, raptors, spiders, windserpents will be good DPS pets

o Not-quite-tank-not-quite-DPS pets – these are pets that are rather resilient, much more so than a DPS pet and less than a tank, and who pack a decent amount of damage but less damage than DPS but more than a tank can, they’re middle of the road pets, they’ll do well in both areas but not enough to excel in either one of them.

– Carrion birds, hyenas, wolves, are good middle of the road pets

For your first pets you should get a bear or a boar, because at level 10 frankly that’s all you can afford without breaking your meager bank.

If you don’t want to waste your valuable play time and money, be it real or in-game money, trying out guides and builds that may not work then you should…