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Wotlk Hunter Pet Guide

Here’s a Wotlk Hunter Pet Guide with WoW Hunter Pets Organized by Type. You’ll want to read this because having a pet is like displaying a trophy, and you’ll want the best possible pick if you want to experience everything that the game has to offer. A good pet makes a good first impression for other people and having the right one for the job will save your skin in many scenarios.

There are three different types of pets according to their roles. First of all are the pets that excel in trapping and manipulating enemies. These pets may not do a lot of damage, but they can prevent enemies from getting in close and opening up opportunities to unleash a lot of damage. This helps a lot if you’re fighting something that can kill you or your pet really quickly if they get within range of you. This group of pets include Bats, Sporebats, Chimaeras, Serpents, Wind Serpents, Birds of Prey, Dragonhawks, Nether Rays, Ravagers, Silithids, and Spiders.

Next are the damage-dealing pets. These are useful if you need to kill something quickly and another player is distracting the enemy. If you don’t have another player but you’re fighting weak enemies, these types of pets can also be used. A damage-dealing pet is nice for grinding (progressively killing a large number of enemies) which you’ll do a lot when leveling up or earning gold. These pets include Carrion Birds, Raptors, Cats, Core Hounds, Hyenas, Moths, Wasps, Spirit Beasts, Devilsaurs, Tallstriders, and Wolves.

Finally you have damage-taking pets. These pets are good when your character is too vulnerable to take a lot of hits and you need a pet to distract the enemy. They can take a lot of damage while maintaining steady attacks on the enemy, freeing you up to fire away with your weapon. These pets include Boars, Bears, Crocolisks, Crabs, Rhinos, Gorillas, Scorpids, Warp Stalkers, Turtles, and Worms.

World Of Warcraft Hunter Pet Guide

Here you have it, the guide you’ve been waiting. This World of Warcraft Hunter’s pet guide will list the best pets a hunter in this fantastical world will use. We will go into details about some of them and leave the lesser beasts to the weak. We answer some of your questions and send you away with a range of useful information so you can go head first into the world of the unknown with confidence.

So, we will start out with listing all pets and showing you what their abilities are and what some of them ea,t so you can win every battle with beastly ease. We will first focus on the animals with the abilities to slow you enemies down, which give you the opportunity to do what you need to do – even if it is to just run away.

First in this World of Warcraft Hunter’s pet guide we show you the Bat, which could screech the ears off a deaf monkey. The bat shares this ability with the Carrion bird and the owl. This skill is very useful during battle if you are looking to disorientate your enemy for a short while – before you kill him, of course.

If you are looking to do more damage, you will be happy to know that the game does offer animals with a healthy appetite. In the World of Warcraft Hunter’s pet guides the Bat and the Carrion bird will fall into this category, along with Bear, Boar, Cat, Crab, Wolf and Spider among many others. Now this ability allows the player, you, to be quite a distance away from the target. It’s a really simple way to not lose any power and bring your enemy down to his knees. However, sending your tiny pet out to do your dirty work has its disadvantages, like it getting killed before it kills your enemy. These beasts don’t come at a cheap rate, so be sure to keep this mode of attacked right up to the last minute – when you are sure your animal will only sustain the minimal amount of injury, and won’t die.

The World of Warcraft Hunter’s pets guide also explains that before you can tame and train your new pet you have to be disciplined. You have to be willing to learn from the animal as the animal is always willing to learn from you. As in life everything with a pulse needs to maintain nutritional eating guidelines, in the World of Warcraft Hunters pet guide we let you know that there is an abundance of food for your pets all over this wonderful world. These pets eat anything from bread, cheese, fungus and fruit to something more substantial like fish and meat (there is nothing better than a nice piece of steak.)

Now, even though it seems like a walk in the park to raise a pet, making a choice of which pet to raise, is not that easy. There is a skill to choosing your pet in WOW and this World of Warcraft Hunter’s pet guide will show you a basic way of doing this.

So, you want to know the best pet will be for you? This issue comes up a lot, so don’t feel like you are alone in this. Millions of World of Warcraft players around the world search the web to find out more about the topic and the all end up in one place (we will not be giving that away in this World of Warcraft Hunter’s pet guide). If you really want to know more about this topic, I suggest you look around a bit more, go ahead, you are sure to find more World of Warcraft Hunters pet guides lying around somewhere.